William Farm Recreation Center

This is the William Farm Recreation Center located in the city of Virginia Beach, VA

Project Details:


Virginia Beach Planning Commission Award, 2013

71,000 square foot Aquatic & Recreation Center

~40% More efficient than ASHRAE 90.1 – 2007

Building Efficient Features:

1. Improved Lighting Design

2. Daylight Harvesting

3. 2-Step Lighting Dimming Controls

4. Ground-Loop Heat Exchanger (GLHX) Thermal Storage

5. Central Plant Heat Pump/Chiller with GLHX

6. Energy Recovery Ventilation

7. Energy Efficient Variable Flow Fans

8. Energy Efficient Variable Flow Pumps

9. Solar HW Array to Heat DHW and Swimming Pools (400 MBH)

10. DHW Thermal Storage

11. LED Interior Lighting

12. LED Exterior Lighting

13. DHW Buffer Preheat

14. EMS Control Strategies  (for energy savings)

15. Green Touch Screen