Southern Area Aquatic and Recreation Complex

SAARC whole pic

Brandywine, Maryland                  

LEED-3.0-2009 HVAC and electrical system design for new 70,000 sf public recreation center.  Building has leisure pool, locker rooms, outdoor spray park, gymnasium, fitness and wellness areas, aerobics room, classrooms and administration areas.

The building has numerous sustainable design features including geothermal central plant with 4-pipe heating and cooling distribution, VAV air-handling units, variable speed pumping, variable speed natatorium fans, energy recovery systems for lockers and pool areas, solar domestic hot water heating, solar pool water heating, and energy efficient T-5 lighting and daylight harvesting systems using solar tubes for additional daylight in the gymnasium. (EUI = 185 KBTU/sf/year).

Completion Date:  June 2017

Estimated Cost entire project:  $35,000,000

Estimated Cost of work for which firm was responsible:  $12,500,000

Actual Cost:  TBD