Long Bridge Aquatic Center (Case Study)

Long Bridge Aquatic Center-03 cropped

Arlington, VA                  

LEED 2010 Silver” HVAC and Electrical system design for the 110,000 sf iconic architecture sports complex.  The design includes high efficiency lighting with day lighting controls, induction lighting for high bay areas, LED site and locker room lighting, variable primary hot water boiler system, variable primary chilled water system with heat recovery chiller, 4-pipe pool units with built-in energy recovery exchangers, air-side economizer, super chlorination purge system, atrium plate smoke control systems, 65 kW micro-turbine/400 MBH heating for combined heating and power (CHP), and 72 solar thermal panels [EUI = 180 kBTU/sf. year]

Completion Date:  to be determined

Estimated Cost entire project:  $78,000,000

Estimated Cost of work for which firm was responsible:  $25,000,000